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biblical_faith's Journal

Biblical Faith
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This community is created specifically for Christians whose beliefs are in line with the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds (with or without the filioque clause) and who believe that the scriptures are the inspired word of God which was recorded without error in the original manuscripts. We also welcome those wishing to learn more about these beliefs. Questions about biblical Christianity are always welcome. However, attacks against biblical Christianity or teachings of clearly non-biblical doctrines are not permitted. Please be respectful of these perimeters in all your interactions here.

Membership is moderated and approval will be based upon your visible presence on your personal journal or on other communities. If you are denied membership and wish to provide reasons for the moderators to reconsider, please contact one of them through the email addresses found on their user information pages.

All posts concerning biblical Christianity, including but not limited to personal perspectives and questions regarding our faith, are welcome. However we ask that you adhere to a few posting/commenting restrictions.
Posts specifically asking for donations of money or goods may not be posted here. But you may post prayer requests and/or links to charitable organizations so members may decide on their own if they would like to take further action.

Posts and comments containing profanity, offensive language, or explicit content/images are not allowed and will be deleted. Furthermore, members posting such things may at the discretion of the moderators be immediately banned and will need to go through a re-evaluation period before being reinstated.

Posting of copyrighted material is not allowed without citing a source and/or providing a link to the original article.

Screening, disabling, and deleting comments are not allowed except at the moderators' discretions.

Please do not use this community like you would your personal journal. As fellow believers we certainly want to encourage one another regarding our struggles and rejoice together regarding our victories. But day to day updates on one's personal life should be reserved for personal journals.

Also, please do not cross-post the same exact post here as in other communities. We would like this community to afford some variety in our members' daily lives. Your cooperation in this is appreciated.
Finally, the moderators reserve the right at their discretion to remove a poster's membership if behavior is observed which seriously interferes with the intended purpose of this community. If you have any questions or concerns about this community, please contact one of the moderators.